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I currently plan to transfer articles and information from Pagan Whispers and Herbal Wisdom as I am completely dismantling those websites after they expire.

I want to post several articles on the following subjects:

  • Spiritual Alchemy Introduction
  • When your spell or working fails....
  • When other people don't like you or think you're mental....
  • An introduction to working with spirits
  • Spirit Guides, Guardians, and Animals
  • Sigil Creation and Activation Techniques
  • Your a seer, great the world thinks you are nuts....
  • Compassion and the path to spiritual harmony
  • Kuan Yin: The Mother of Compassion
  • Shielding Techniques and Creating Energy Gates
  • Empathy and how to cope....
  • What to do when you're lonely....
  • Sound Energy and Magic
  • Ayahuasca, Changa, and other Vision Quest Brews
  • Ceremonian and Ritual Magics
  • Introduction to Herbal Medicine
  • Articles on making Herbal Tinctures, Oils, Salves, Capsules, and what not
  • Herbal Safety and Dosages
  • A Dictionary of Herbal Terminology
  • Reiki and other Healing Magics
  • Auric Shield and Projection
  • Working with Sources of Energy
  • The Chakras
  • Creating and Charging Talismans and Amulets
  • Using Crystals and Stones, Crystal Shields and Grids
  • The Shaman's Calling, Work, Journey, and Tools
  • Astral and Etheral Projection
  • Tarot Cards, Scrying, Pendulums, and Divination
  • Working with Nature and the Elements
  • The Creator, a supreme being....
  • Sympathetic Magics, Candlework, Poppets, and Totems
  • Thoughtforms (Tulpas), Servitors, Egregores, and Godforms
  • How to plan, create, and cast your own spell
  • Casting, Morality, Ethics, Justification
  • Hoodoo, Rootwork, and Conjure
  • Druidry, Norse Paganism, Heathenry, Hellinismos, and Kemeticism
  • A Dictionary of Magical, Occult, and Spiritual Terms
  • Symbolism and Correspondences; What do they mean....
  • Offerings, Libations, and Sacrifices 
  • An Introduction to Deity Worship
  • How to ready, study, and learn for yourself....
  • Jinxes, Hexes, and Curses
  • Omnism and Gaining Wisdom from All Paths
  • An Introduction to the various Magical Paths
  • Wiriting and Maintaining a Book of Shadows and/or Grimoire
  • Authentic Action


I also need to write the community terms of conduct outlining behavior, responsibility, accountability, and terms for exclusion.

I want to create a recommended reading list page outlining two or three books for each topic and path.

I want to get upload as many pdf books on various magics and occult topics as possible, maybe as an external link to my public dropbox folder and I will just add them all there.

I want to work on the design and layout of the site according to member input and suggestions

I want to make it explicitly clear this is a community collective collaboration and not a dictatorship.


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